Amina Enterprises: Sustaining Ancient Woodcarving Traditions

Shahnawaz Zuberi

The owner of Amina Enterprises, Shahnawaz Zuberi, has a lot to be thankful for. Although his family suffered financial hardship in his youth, he is now finally able to support his own family through his artisan woodworking business.

Amina enterprise artisans work with more than five different varieties of wood to create unique, handmade wood items.“I didn’t complete my schooling so I feel good knowing that at least my children are being educated,” he explains. Both his father and grandfather were woodcarvers in Saharanpur, a quiet town in the state of Uttar Pradesh known for its woodcarving industry. When hard times led to his father abandoning his craft and becoming a milkman, Shahnawaz also began helping his family out by tailoring clothes, which he did for 12 years. Then, in 1994, Shahnawaz made the bold move to return to the family trade and set up a woodcarving business he named Amina Enterprises, after his mother, Amina.

Brass inlays add luxury to these masterfully handcrafted wooden products.Initially, orders were hard to come by. Then someone put him in touch with Asha Handicrafts Association and Shahwanaz began delivering exquisitely carved woodwork to Asha’s clients. Today, he employs around 80 artisans, who work with seasoned wood of all types, including sheesham, papri, teak, eucalyptus, and mango. They then combine the wood with brass inlay to produce delicately sculpted pieces in a style that has been popular since the Mughal dynasty. Shahnawaz takes pride in always delivering his shipments on time and remaining competitively priced.

By partnering with MyMela, Shahnawaz is able to sustain his artisans and distribute his products to international markets. Support Shahnawaz Zuberi and an age-old Indian woodcarving tradition when you purchase any of his unique, handcrafted wooden products here at MyMela.

Watch this exclusive video interview with Shahnawaz, or view all of Amina Enterprise’s masterfully handcrafted wood products.

Aspiration Coasters $24.00

Aspiration Coasters $24.00

Shadows Carved Box $24.00

Shadows Carved Box $24.00

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