Capture Bollywood Style with MyMela’s Handcrafted Jewelry

Vibrant colors, accessories with attitude: it’s a Bollywood invasion! Bollywood is a popular term for the Hindi film industry, which is characterized by musical-driven dance numbers and a very distinct style of fashion. We’ve got you covered with plenty of glamorous jewelry to help you jump into this trend, while leaving you with enough money to pick up your favorite Bollywood films. Check out our featured selections in this inspired collection!

Gold-toned Bangles

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai wearing lots of bangles

Combine a few sets of gold-toned bangles on your arm for a simple way to get the Bollywood look.

engraved bangle set

Old Gold Engraved Bangle Set, $12.00

handmade bangle set

Trilogy Engraved Bangle Set, $9.00

Turquoise Accessories

Turquoise jewelry in Bollywood

Vivid turquoise jewelry is a popular choice on Bollywood sets.

MyMela has a variety of turquoise accessories including cuffs and earrings to add color to your ensemble. Don’t forget to complete the look with a colorful eyeshadow.

brass cuff

Entwined Turquoise Cuff, $29.00

turquoise earrings

Square Off Earrings, $19.00







Gemstone Sets

Bollywood actress Giselle Monteiro

Bollywood actress Giselle Monteiro wearing large earrings and a matching necklace

For sophisticated style, opt for MyMela’s dangly garnet earrings and matching garnet necklace.

sterling silver earrings

Rani Sterling Silver Earrings, $89.00

sterling silver necklace

Gracious Sterling Silver Necklace, $79.00










To view MyMela’s complete selection of jewelry click here.

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  1. joyabul12 says:

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  3. I also have this bollywood style and I like it. I can pair it of anything I wear and it is not very expensive.

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